02-11-2018 Lives Transfigured by the Word.pdf

01-14-2018 Corrected Putting a Stop to Quarrelling.pdf 

01-07-2018 New Year New Life.pdf

Sermon 12 17 2017 It Is Better to Give Than To Receive.docx

12-10-2017 Making Space for God through Faith.pdf

Childrens Message 1232017.pdf

Sermon Scan - 12102017 attachment.pdf

Sermon - Hope Comes Down - 11262017

11-19-2017 Jesus Calling - Carol Thomson.pdf

10-29-2017 Returning to Joy During and After Tribulation by Way of Faith

Devotion to the Primary Work of the Church-- Waiting and Praying.pdf

09-03-2017 Escaping Tribulation

08-27-2017 Foundations of Life

 08-06-2017 Sharing Treasures Old and New

 07-30-2017 Bearing the Weeds


07-09-2017 Called to Dance

07-02-2017 Breaking Down Legal and Traditional Barriers  



06-18-2017 Laborers who Harvest Life Through Love.



Romans Sermon Series


05-07-2017 A Heavenly Justice for a Profane World

04-30-2017 Good News in Our Hearts and on Our Lips


Easter sermon

 04-16-2017 The Cosmic Reversal of the Resurrection


Joy Sermon Series

03-12-2017 Joy Comes from Trusting in God.

 02-26-2017 Joy from the Clarity and Growth that Jesus Brings .pdf

 02-19-2017 Is it Getting Heavy.

Luke Sermon Series 

02-12-2017 The Just and Reconciling Mercy and Truth of God.

02-05-2017 Jesus Calms Storms After Making Waves.

01-29-2017 Walking Humbly and Doing Justice


01-22-2017 Partnering with God and His People.

 01-15-2017 COM-PROMISE_Christie Alston

01_08_2017_ Welcome home_Rev Ken Macari

10-30-2016 The Demands of Kingdom Peace

10-23-2016 Apostles of Peace and Hope

10-09-2016 Healing Through Obedience Salvation Through Common Cries for Mercy

10-02-2016 Going Deep to Discover and Recover our Communion

09-25-2016 Crossing the Chasm Between Heaven and Hell to Judge and Save

09-18-2016 Stewards of Christ's Mercy, Hope and Friendship

09-11-2016 A Good Shepherd Who Finds All His Lost Sheep

09-04-2016 Venturing into God's Harvest Field

08-28-2016 I've Had Enough - By Christie Alston


07-17-2016 Swimming Together in Kingdom Currents

07-10-2016 Faith in the Face of Fear Love in the Face of Terror

07-03-2016 Receiving Now Our Inheritance Through Faith

06-26-2016 A Glorious Life through Faith in Jesus.pdf


06-12-2016 Joining Jesus and Paul in the Desert of Prayer

06-05-2016 Watching and Trusting from the Sidelines and then Gaining Courage to Join the Battle

05-22-2016 Recovering a Will for Adventure and Spiritual Achievement

05-08-2016 De-throned But Still Royalty

05-01-2016 No King or Power but God

04-10-2016 The Sifting Process

03-07-2016 Love Alone Conquers Sin and Death

02-14-2016 We Are All Teachers of the Goodness of God Within All

02-07-2016 Joyfully Feasting on the Daily Bread of Life

01-17-2016 Jubilee in the Midst of Evil

01-10-2016 A Jubilant Life in Christ

12-27-2015 Peace on Earth - Nancy DiTomaso

12-24-2015 Registering the New Family of God

11-01-2015 Passing Our Kingdom Inheritance to Heirs as Numerous as the Stars

10-25-2015 Staying Afloat on the Ark of Jesus

10-18-2015 Fallen But Marked as Gods Own

10-11-2015 Blessed from the Beginning

10-04-2015 A Different Kind of Messiah and Lord

09-27-2015 God and the Commandments Come Down to This - LOVE

09-20-2015 The Responsibility Demanded by Resurrection.

09-13-2015 Pressed by God in the Vineyard of Life

09-06-2015 Faithfully Bearing Fruit Even in Dry Seasons

08-16-2015 Love and Mercy Are What Everyone Needs

08-09-2015 The Freedom of Gods Word Jesus Christ

08-02-2015 The Purifying Fire and Salt of God

07-26-2015 Descending from Gods Glorious Mountain to Bless the World.

07-19-2015 Believing in a Father Who Loves Lost Children.

07-12-2015 The Gift of Silence - Rev. Jake Kim

07-05-2015 Questioning Seeking Believing Seeing and Hearing

06-21-2015 Knowing Our Fathers Love Softens Our Hearts to Hear the Truth

06-14-2015 Bowing Before the Holy One to Feed on the Crumbs of Life

06-07-2015 A Church Irrevocably Bound by Love and Grace Part 2

05-31-2015 Charge to the Confirmands and Congregation.

05-31-2015 Sermon by Libby Daniskas.

05-24-2015 Multiplying Good Food for Thought Bodies and Souls

04-26-2015 Faith that Brings Calm When Chaos Threatens

04-19-2015 A Church Irrevocably Bound Together by Love and Grace.

03-22-2015 Self-glorification from Above or Humble Service from Below

03-15-2015 Loving God Before and In All Things

03-08-2015 Faith Bearing Fruit in Parched Places

 03-01-2015 Exorcising Pre-judgment in the Family of God

02-15-2015 God Shrinks that We Might not be Torn

02-08-2015 Forgiveness Breaking Through to Heal and Raise Up

02-01-2015 Do Our Lives Proclaim Gods Kingdom Come

01-25-2015 Evil Driven Out by Love Incarnate

01-18-2015 Caught up in Kingdom Nets We Drop Nets that Entangle

01-11-2015 The Urgent Call of Christs Love

12-28-2014 Pardon Me, May I Interrupt? Christie Alston

12-24-2014 Rejoicing in the Enchanting Mystery of jesus Christ

12-21-2014 No! to Shame; Yes! to Salvation

12-14-2014 Love the Lord is on the Way

12-07-2014 Disillusionment and Dissolution Hope and Health

11-23-2014 How to Have a Grateful Heart

11-16-2014 Love or Lust-- Gratefully Giving or Greedily Consuming

11-02-2014 Opposed Quarantined and Caring for Each Other Like Nurses

10-26-2014 Thanksgiving Through Transformed Lives

10-12-2014 Come Down and Guide Us to the Promised Land

09-14-2014 Life is a Celebration.pdf

08-31-2014 Liberation Leaders Called Out of the Old and Sent Back There 

 08-10-2014 A World Baptized in Love

Claiming a Broken Trophy and Clinging to it in the Wild - Past Sermon Requested from Facebook

 08-03-2014 A Tale of Two Men Wrestling with God and Man


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