New Series on the Brilliant Theology of Paul

 We are now exploring Paul's most systematic and important letter theologically, Romans, both in small groups and on Sunday mornings.  Please join us as we look at this fundamental  Christian writing that radically changed the world around Paul, Luther's during the reformation and even to this day.   



 08-06-2017 Sharing Treasures Old and New

 07-30-2017 Bearing the Weeds


07-09-2017 Called to Dance

07-02-2017 Breaking Down Legal and Traditional Barriers  



06-18-2017 Laborers who Harvest Life Through Love.



Romans Sermon Series


05-07-2017 A Heavenly Justice for a Profane World

04-30-2017 Good News in Our Hearts and on Our Lips


Easter sermon

 04-16-2017 The Cosmic Reversal of the Resurrection


Joy Sermon Series

03-12-2017 Joy Comes from Trusting in God.

 02-26-2017 Joy from the Clarity and Growth that Jesus Brings .pdf

 02-19-2017 Is it Getting Heavy.

Luke Sermon Series 

02-12-2017 The Just and Reconciling Mercy and Truth of God.

02-05-2017 Jesus Calms Storms After Making Waves.

01-29-2017 Walking Humbly and Doing Justice


01-22-2017 Partnering with God and His People.

 01-15-2017 COM-PROMISE_Christie Alston

01_08_2017_ Welcome home_Rev Ken Macari

10-30-2016 The Demands of Kingdom Peace

10-23-2016 Apostles of Peace and Hope

10-09-2016 Healing Through Obedience Salvation Through Common Cries for Mercy

10-02-2016 Going Deep to Discover and Recover our Communion

09-25-2016 Crossing the Chasm Between Heaven and Hell to Judge and Save

09-18-2016 Stewards of Christ's Mercy, Hope and Friendship

09-11-2016 A Good Shepherd Who Finds All His Lost Sheep

09-04-2016 Venturing into God's Harvest Field

08-28-2016 I've Had Enough - By Christie Alston


07-17-2016 Swimming Together in Kingdom Currents

07-10-2016 Faith in the Face of Fear Love in the Face of Terror

07-03-2016 Receiving Now Our Inheritance Through Faith

06-26-2016 A Glorious Life through Faith in Jesus.pdf


06-12-2016 Joining Jesus and Paul in the Desert of Prayer

06-05-2016 Watching and Trusting from the Sidelines and then Gaining Courage to Join the Battle

05-22-2016 Recovering a Will for Adventure and Spiritual Achievement

05-08-2016 De-throned But Still Royalty

05-01-2016 No King or Power but God

04-10-2016 The Sifting Process

03-07-2016 Love Alone Conquers Sin and Death

02-14-2016 We Are All Teachers of the Goodness of God Within All

02-07-2016 Joyfully Feasting on the Daily Bread of Life

01-17-2016 Jubilee in the Midst of Evil

01-10-2016 A Jubilant Life in Christ

12-27-2015 Peace on Earth - Nancy DiTomaso

12-24-2015 Registering the New Family of God

11-01-2015 Passing Our Kingdom Inheritance to Heirs as Numerous as the Stars

10-25-2015 Staying Afloat on the Ark of Jesus

10-18-2015 Fallen But Marked as Gods Own

10-11-2015 Blessed from the Beginning

10-04-2015 A Different Kind of Messiah and Lord

09-27-2015 God and the Commandments Come Down to This - LOVE

09-20-2015 The Responsibility Demanded by Resurrection.

09-13-2015 Pressed by God in the Vineyard of Life

09-06-2015 Faithfully Bearing Fruit Even in Dry Seasons

08-16-2015 Love and Mercy Are What Everyone Needs

08-09-2015 The Freedom of Gods Word Jesus Christ

08-02-2015 The Purifying Fire and Salt of God

07-26-2015 Descending from Gods Glorious Mountain to Bless the World.

07-19-2015 Believing in a Father Who Loves Lost Children.

07-12-2015 The Gift of Silence - Rev. Jake Kim

07-05-2015 Questioning Seeking Believing Seeing and Hearing

06-21-2015 Knowing Our Fathers Love Softens Our Hearts to Hear the Truth

06-14-2015 Bowing Before the Holy One to Feed on the Crumbs of Life

06-07-2015 A Church Irrevocably Bound by Love and Grace Part 2

05-31-2015 Charge to the Confirmands and Congregation.

05-31-2015 Sermon by Libby Daniskas.

05-24-2015 Multiplying Good Food for Thought Bodies and Souls

04-26-2015 Faith that Brings Calm When Chaos Threatens

04-19-2015 A Church Irrevocably Bound Together by Love and Grace.

03-22-2015 Self-glorification from Above or Humble Service from Below

03-15-2015 Loving God Before and In All Things

03-08-2015 Faith Bearing Fruit in Parched Places

 03-01-2015 Exorcising Pre-judgment in the Family of God

02-15-2015 God Shrinks that We Might not be Torn

02-08-2015 Forgiveness Breaking Through to Heal and Raise Up

02-01-2015 Do Our Lives Proclaim Gods Kingdom Come

01-25-2015 Evil Driven Out by Love Incarnate

01-18-2015 Caught up in Kingdom Nets We Drop Nets that Entangle

01-11-2015 The Urgent Call of Christs Love

12-28-2014 Pardon Me, May I Interrupt? Christie Alston

12-24-2014 Rejoicing in the Enchanting Mystery of jesus Christ

12-21-2014 No! to Shame; Yes! to Salvation

12-14-2014 Love the Lord is on the Way

12-07-2014 Disillusionment and Dissolution Hope and Health

11-23-2014 How to Have a Grateful Heart

11-16-2014 Love or Lust-- Gratefully Giving or Greedily Consuming

11-02-2014 Opposed Quarantined and Caring for Each Other Like Nurses

10-26-2014 Thanksgiving Through Transformed Lives

10-12-2014 Come Down and Guide Us to the Promised Land

09-14-2014 Life is a Celebration.pdf

08-31-2014 Liberation Leaders Called Out of the Old and Sent Back There 

 08-10-2014 A World Baptized in Love

Claiming a Broken Trophy and Clinging to it in the Wild - Past Sermon Requested from Facebook

 08-03-2014 A Tale of Two Men Wrestling with God and Man


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